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Using Template Boxes

Step 1

First, go to the Template Manager and click on Template Boxes to see what you have assigned to the boxes.


Step 2

In this case, Box 1 is assigned to "Latest News”. Now go back to the Main Menu and go to the Blog Manager. Under the Blog Subjects heading, click the existing subjects dropdown and select “Latest News”.


Step 3

After you select “Latest News”, click the View Button to the right.


Step 4

Since there are no blogs posted to this blog subject, this screen is empty.


Step 5

So, go to the previous screen. In the second block labeled “Add Blog” fill in the Blog Title field.


Step 6

Next choose a blog subject to publish to (in this case, choose Latest News).


Step 7

Next, click the “Launch Editor” button. This will bring up a window that looks and acts just like the normal text editor. Enter some text.


Step 8

When you are done, click the green Done button. You will be back at the previous screen. Make sure you see the word done by each of the 3 steps as shown below. Thwn click Post.


Step 9

Now repeat steps 2, 3 and 4 and you should now see one blog post under the Latest News Subject. As follows.


Step 10

When you view any page on your site, you will now see the text from the blog post in the appropriate spot. It will also appear in other boxes that are assigned to Latest News.


Step 11

Finally, you can go back to the template manager, under Template Boxes, to edit the display settings for each box.


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